Your logo identifies your business

We believe your business logo is the most important asset your business has. Your logo is the defining image that represents you in the market. It's what sets you apart from competitors and shows your clients what you do. It's the foundation to your branding and because of that, we take logo design very seriously.

A logo can come in any style, shape or size. There's a good chance you already have some ideas in mind so we'll work with you to craft a unique logo that defines your business.

Wordmark Logo Design

A wordmark logo is a classic logo format. Typically, a wordmark logo relies on text, typeface and unique type styles to express your branding identity. Because there is no graphical elements in the logo, we rely on text to convey a message. The text is usually literal, stating the business name and sometimes a tagline or slogan.

Wordmark logos work best if your name describes what it is you do or, if your brand has a distinctive name.

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Lettermark Logo Design

Like a wordmark, a lettermark logo is made up of only text however, instead of using the entire name of a business, the logo uses initials to represent your brand. Lettermarks can be a simple monogram or an anagram. It can use the initials of the owners, the initials of the company title and more.

Lettermark logos are perfect for a business name that's too long, doesn't look right as a graphic or is built up with existing branding. Keep in mind a lettermark logo will almost always receive the 'what does that stand for?' question.

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Brandmark Logo Design

A brandmark logo design moves away from the simple typeface style, bringing in graphics to represent the business. The graphics used can be affiliated with the title, an aspect of the product or service your business sells or a general representation of your industry. The graphic symbol represents your company by association and is reliant on the total design of the logo to evoke an emotional response from a viewer.

A brandmark logo is ideal for a business if you're looking for an emblem for your product or packaging, or if your name is too long or lacking in creativity.

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Combination Logo Design

A combination logo design (also known as iconic logo design)is simply both a type and graphic element combined into the one logo. Elements building the logo can be related, or completely abstract. A combination logo can be very effective in communicating not only what your company is and does, but also its corporate identity.

Combination logos are great for a business with a distinctive name, something that can be tied in cleverly with a great graphic. It will also help communicate your brand identity, meaning less marketing for logo recognition in the long term.

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Logo design prices

Our prices are transparent to help make your decision even easier

no fuss
No Fuss Website Packages from $690
2 Logo Concepts
up to 3 revisions
web & print ready files
Little bigger website package from $1190
4 logo Concepts
up to 5 revisions
web & print ready files
drop it
Drop It website package from $2500
6 logo Concepts
unlimited revisions
web & print ready files
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Business Packages

Looking to kick start your business but don't know where to begin? We've taken the hard work out of it and put together some great packages that include the essentials for any start up

Lite business package from $1400
Logo Design w/ 2 concepts
Business Card Design
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logo design w/ 4 concepts
business card design
letterhead design
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logo design w/ 6 concepts
business card design
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